During the release of iPhone 7, gaming enthusiasts have been given pleasure with the news of Super Mario Run to iOS. It is certainly unexpected news for the gamers without any doubt. The game may be released to Android also in next year. Long time has passed since Nintendo has offered a product for the mobile platform.


However, the news cannot be considered completely unexpected as the experts have made people aware of the situation through earlier leaks. Declaration has been made by Tim Cook that beloved character of Mario may be brought back and this time it is available on the iOS version. So, the game can be downloaded easily through the app store. Information has been confirmed by the Ninetendo at the same time. Following to a hit on the App Store, it may be made available in Android.

In case, you have played the game in 80s then you may be aware of the charm of it. Several people have grown up by playing this game. It is quite hard to forget about the interesting and unusual adventure of the iconic plumber.

The game with the possibilities of endless run is believed to be introduced by holiday season this year in iOS. Free download of the game is possible. Therefore, gaming enthusiasts need not to think about the budget on the occasion at all. Through a single app, entire arena of the game can be explored easily.

Shigero Miyamoto, designer of the video game from Japan who is also known as the creator of Mario has announced the fact that Ninetendo will be releasing the game soon. The game has been developed based on the Super Mario Bros which has been considered as a classic game over the years. Due to specific style of the character, it is even possible to operate the game single handedly.

For iOS, Miyamoto has announced the game exclusively. However, reports are doing rounds in the market that Nintendo may like to introduce the game for Android in the future. Chances of finding the game through the Google Play store are quite bleak this year. Therefore, gaming enthusiasts can expect to download the game through their android mobiles next year.

According to Miyamoto, they have thought a lot about the platform of the game and decided that it is best suited for the iOS platform. Stability has been offered in the process quite naturally.

Even now, the game can be found in the list of app store. However, prices have not been added till now. It cannot be downloaded at the moment from any part of the world. Notification button can be found along side. Therefore, it may be possible to know when the game will be available in the location

In the game, coins can be collected. It is necessary to reach to the flagpole in each level.  A battle mode can be found in the game too which can be recognized with the term Toad Rally. The mode can be played with multiplayer in an asynchronous manner. Therefore, opponent for the game can be chosen quite easily. By beating them in the game, highest score can be reached easily.

It is hard to tell now whether the Super Mario Run will be as buzz worthy as Pokemon Go or not.